Tickets for Real Madrid vs Barcelona Hot Among International Buyers

  •       South Korea, the U.S, France and Britain are the countries where most people buy have bought tickets for El Clasico in 2015.
  •       International sales data from Ticketbis registers ticket purchases of more than $1,400

With still three months left until the anticipated La Liga match up between Real Madrid and Barcelona, fans from all over the world are scrambling to secure their tickets — literally. According to international reseller Ticketbis, the nationalities that purchased the most tickets after the Spanish are South Korean, French and American. These three nationalities alone make up more than 30 percent of Ticketbis sales for the game on November 22, while significant sales have also been registered in Britain, Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Japan.

And these tickets to see Messi and Ronaldo head-to-head, as expected, don’t come cheap at all. In fact, two U.S fans paid $1,438 each for a ticket, which are among the most expensive tickets purchased. Fans in Denmark, Japan, and South Korea were also ready to pay the price for good seats at  € 1,272, € 1,187, € 1079, respectively. The Spaniards, however, remain restrained having spent a maximum of € 719 for their entry into the Santiago Bernabeu. Overall, the average ticket price to see this highly-anticipated matchup is $690, while the get-in price is currently $329.

The storied matchup was initially scheduled for a couple of weeks earlier on November 8, but the Spanish government intervened to change the date of several La Liga games, in addition to the Real Madrid versus Barcelona showdown. The exact reason for the changes are unknown, but the delay certainly won’t impact the immense excitement surrounding the latest installment in this legendary rivalry.

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