The Legend of Tim Howard Returns

Tim Howard became an American sensation during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. His performance that included creating a figurative iron-curtain in-front of the US goal set the country, and social media, into a frenzy to give the man the credit he deserved. It also resulted in the generation of some classic memes.

tim-howard-missile-defense-system tim-howard-arms-meme tim-howard-memes_2

Howard is expected to man the nets in the qualifier against Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday, and although it might be expected to be routing for the 37-year old veteran, he stated that “they’re all exciting, they’re all meaningful.” We understand that the qualifiers might not be as exciting as the World Cup, but Betfair Casino NJ provides the latest casino games and sports odds to help make watching a little more interesting. We’re hoping his decorated career continues through the 2018 World Cup and we can get some more classic memes.

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