Never A Team Of Has-Beens

Manchester United is one of the world’s biggest clubs. This is not because of the money but rather the millions of fans that have come to love the team over the ages. And Mourinho is right, the team has lost before at home in the group stages of the Champion’s league.

Before Everything Else Was The Passion

Glory, Glory Man United is a willing and knowledgeable adulteration of the Christian song “Glory Glory Hallelujah” by people of strong Christian background. This is just a little show of the passion that fans of the club had even before Man United became a brand.

“Brand” New Football at Manchester United

The outcry is huge across all circles of the Red Devil’s community. Never before has a Man U team failed to rally the fans. Even as they played themselves out of the 2017/2018 UEFA Champion’s League Competition, the performance was impassionate, for lack of a better word. Did you know that you can place your bets on your favorite football team or player by visiting  topauscasinos site and stand a chance to win big?

Former players including Rio Ferdinand was touched by the performance of the team. Even retired players who played against former Man United teams agreed that the team lacked the cohesiveness required to excel. Ian Wright remarked that Pep Guardiola would have better success with the same team. A sentiment echoed subtly within the group of former United players who posted on Twitter that the team is not performing despite the big money purchases.

Mourinho, Not Inspiring

There are very few managers in the English Premier league that are as successful as Mourinho. This success is attributed to the way that he manages to inspire even ordinary players to want to more. However, even in the post-game interview the masterly gaffer seemed, “impassionate” again for lack of a better word. You want to play games related to football at online casino? Then play at yebo casino and have a great time.

It seems as if this team that was built on a tradition of passionate performances on the pitch is now represented by people only interested in building their personal brands. Either that or they are a group of has-beens who are no good except as icons on an online fruit machine.

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