Soccer Leagues Around the World

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. That would serve to explain why there are so many soccer leagues. As every nation wants to have its fair share of the game. Despite the fact that there are so many soccer leagues, there obviously has to be those top leagues that every soccer player wants to play in.

Best Soccer Leagues

Just like there are so many online casino games there are many soccer teams as well. Each team having its pros and cons, just like online casino games. In addition, like slots as well, soccer is played for real and for fun so play real money slots . However, when it comes to leagues, there are few online casino game leagues, but there are numerous soccer leagues. Today we will, however, focus on the best of best.

English Premier League

Abbreviated as the EPL this is the most popular football in the world.  The league comprises of 20 different teams. Each of these teams has players from around the world. This would explain why this is the best league in the world. The league comprises of 38 match days spanning over several months. Did you know you can place your bets on your favourite team at new zealand betting site and stand a chance to win big.

La Liga

The Spanish La Liga comes second in the most popular leagues in the world. Like the EPL, the La Liga also has 20 teams. The current champion is FC Barcelona. However, Real Madrid with 33 titles has the most titles in the league.


Based in Germany is the Bundesliga. Unlike the other two, this league has 18 teams. Teams like Dortmund; Bayern, and RB Leipzig are part of this league. It was founded in 1963. The team with the highest number of titles being Bayern Munich, with 27. Karl-Heinz Korbel has the most appearances, that is 602.

Other Leagues

The above mentioned are top soccer leagues in the world, though there are other leagues. Some of these include the Serie A (Italy); Ligue 1 (France) and Super Lig (Turkey) to mention but a few.

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